Jeff Martin

Jeff started taking a real interest in music from an early age. He developed an interest in DJ’ing when his brother teamed up with a friend and used to do the clubs and pubs in the mid-70’s, and developed a love of independent music in the 80’s initially. By then he was fed up of listening to the same top 10 songs played ad nauseum, and started looking at alternatives.

He believes there is a significant number of like-minded listeners who also want something different, hence the A&R Show – ‘album tracks and rarities’. The kind of thing you won’t normally hear on mainstream radio.

Having been an avid listener to an online station for a few years, he approached the owner about doing a one-off special. It was well-received, and as a result he was offered a weekly slot. The rest, as they say, is history.

He now presents for several stations. He really enjoys preparing and recording his show, as it really gets him thinking about what to play, and when. Off-air he enjoys the theatre, both on-and back-stage, and seeing local bands play.

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