The JW Radio Show

The JW Radio programme is on paisleyradio.com every Tuesday night from 19.00 hrs till 21.00 hrs and Ambronradio.com from 20.00 hrs till 22.00 hrs  again on every Tuesday night…tune in and enjoy!! all times UK time. You can also find the show on the PaisleyRadio.com replay sessions.

In the beginning music was the lifeblood of many people, and in the sixties this phenomenon exploded and British music and groups were the envy of the world. I grew up in the sixties listening to the great radio stations like Radio Caroline, Radio London and into the seventies with RNI.
The very first record I played at a disco was by The Archies and “Sugar Sugar”, so called ‘bubblegum music’! Since then I have put out programmes on various internet radio stations, but after finding PaisleyRadio.com my dedication to music and my radio programmes have been my main aim in life.
In the past seven months my life has been turned upside down and I am grateful for the support and love that I have received via e-mail and calls.
PaisleyRadio.com is now moving forward with a brand new website and programmes – brave new steps forward for the station – and in these dangerous and difficult times I am sure that the station will provide the biggest and best variety of programmes on any internet radio station. Stay tuned !!
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