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The Health & Wellbeing Show

Hosted by Matt and Ash, this show covers various aspects of health and wellbeing. They have been trying to build up a catalogue of stations to raise awareness of health and wellbeing, as it's a big factor in our day to day lives. They both want to make their show the best it can be. They also both work in the health sector which ensures they have interesting topics, opinions […]

Hi name is Matt. I have always been interested in medical issues since leaving school. My first choice career was a paramedic but went the totally the opposite way and trained as a mechanic in college for 2 years. During that time I got into hospital radio and it all went from there really. I’ve spent 25 years in the broadcasting industry from hospital radio, mainstream and community. I currently work in the care sector as a senior in charge in a care home but my passion is radio.

On our health and wellbeing show, we want to inform and explain within the serious side of health but also how much fun it can also be learning all about it too.

We hope you enjoy what you hear and we want you to share your stories too!!

Hi my name is Ash

From a very young age, I’d always had an interest in anything medical and to do with the human body. As I grew older, I also realised how much I cared about making sure people were well. This particularly came to a head when my dear Grandma died in 1994, and I saw how much hospital staff took care of her. I’d worked teaching in schools and adult FE colleges since. Many years later, I jumped at the chance of setting up a training company for nurses and carers with my then business partner who was a dual-registered nurse and it seemed natural to combine nursing with teaching – and the rest is history!

I love keeping up to date with my own “train the trainer” health care courses, researching and making sure my own training reflects current practice. I get a real buzz when staff put training into action and they tell me how much what have they have learned has had a real beneficial impact on the lives of others!

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