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New, old, classic, hair, thrash, glam, metal, symphonic, black, battle, English, American, worldwide, niche,’s all here. Richie Vince showcases the best rock and metal music from all over the world and from all eras. Vince says “My show is about connecting with people – so if anyone wants a dedication, let us know.” Join Richie every Wednesday between 9pm and 11 for your rock fix. Got a request? Email […]

Richie Vince is first and foremost a rocker but enjoys all types of music. “It’s not about liking a type or style of music, it’s about connecting with it, feeling it in your soul, about how it affects you as a person,” he says.

He cut his teeth DJing running karaoke nights in pubs in his hometown in Kent and started his radio career presenting request shows on Hospital Radio. Later, he graduated to presenting prime time shows on local radio in Sussex and Surrey before moving to Cyprus in early 2019 to focus on destination weddings and club nights.

Forced to return to the UK by the collapse of Thomas Cook and later Coronavirus, he then developed his own online rock show via MixCloud and joined Paisley Radio in August 2020.

A passionate advocate of live entertainment and supporter of ‘grass roots’ (unsigned) talent, Richie has been involved with live music for much of the last 20 years on a freelance basis, and is as “at home” programming lighting or running a sound desk in the tech enclosure at live events as he is behind a radio mic. He has probably played almost 1,000 gigs in his time as DJ and been involved with hundreds more behind the scenes.

He says, “Giving people the opportunity to experience the power and energy of a live event, to share in the intimacy of a gig, to collectively connect with each other over a shared passion in and of the moment, is the best feeling in the world…music – especially live music – brings people together.”

Richie’s ‘radio hero’ is the late, great Tommy Vance, who he says gave him the ‘bug’ for rock and metal music. When he’s not doing music-related things, he can be found relaxing with a craft cider or a bottle of Leon (a Cypriot lager) and loves Greek, Italian, Indian and Mexican food, as well as travelling, action films and scuba diving.

He is currently researching a multi-part radio show on the history of rock and metal which he hopes to complete by the end of 2021, and the book may well follow…

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