Chris, Jamie and Alex (Supershow Podcast)



SuperShow Podcast

Gamers, unite!!!

Paisley Radio are delighted to announce the arrival of The SuperShow Podcast to the station. Join Chris, Alex and Jamie as they sit down to talk about all things gaming - with hot takes, trash opinions and a large dose of self deprecating humour! This show contains strong language and adult humour. Listener discretion is advised.

The guys behind the hugely popular podcast.

Chris Jamie and Alex are well known faces especially in YouTube as they are the guys from Alltime Gaming (sadly no longer available) they built there style online with popular top 10 lists and there podcast.

Still today you can catch the guys on YouTube as Supershow podcast. They discuss all gaming news in there own charismatic and entertaining way.

Catch The Supershow Podcast every Thursday at 8pm


Please note – this show contains adult content that may not be suitable for all listeners

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