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The proposed cycle route on Causeyside Street looks on the top of it a nice simple scheme, but when you look further into the problems the public and local businesses are going to come up against, it’s quite severe, and could result in businesses closing or re-evaluating their position in the town.

Paisley First have started a petition that everyone should sign and they give decent arguments and an alternative route, so please, Renfrewshire Council stop this nonsense, click here to sign

Possible arguments against the proposed cycle lane on Causeyside Street Paisley:

  1. Traffic congestion: Some people argue that the construction of a cycle lane on Causeyside Street would worsen traffic congestion, as it would reduce the space available for cars and other vehicles.
  2. Loss of parking spaces: Others might be concerned that the cycle lane would result in a loss of parking spaces along the street, which could inconvenience local businesses and residents.
  3. Safety concerns: Some may argue that a cycle lane on Causeyside Street would create safety concerns for cyclists and other road users, particularly at intersections or other areas where the lane merges with traffic.
  4. Cost: Some people may believe that the cost of constructing a cycle lane on Causeyside Street would be too high, especially considering the potential negative impacts on traffic flow and parking.

Possible arguments in favour of the proposed cycle lane on Causeyside Street, Paisley:

  1. Encouraging cycling: Building a cycle lane on Causeyside Street could encourage more people to cycle, which could help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in the area.
  2. Improving safety: A dedicated cycle lane would make cycling safer and more accessible for cyclists, particularly those who are less experienced or less confident on the road.
  3. Supporting sustainable transport: The construction of a cycle lane would support the development of sustainable transport options and could help reduce the carbon footprint of the local community.
  4. Economic benefits: Some studies suggest that the construction of cycle lanes can have positive economic impacts, such as increasing foot traffic for local businesses and boosting property values in the surrounding area.

Overall, the decision to construct a cycle lane on Causeyside Street Paisley should be based on careful consideration of the potential benefits and drawbacks, as well as the needs and preferences of local residents and businesses. A comprehensive and inclusive consultation process could help ensure that all perspectives are taken into account before any final decision is made.

Written by: PaisleyRadio

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