University is here – could fostering fill your empty nest?

Written by on 9 September 2020

A local fostering agency is urging more families to become foster parents once their children leave the family home for university.

The proportion of all 18 year olds in Scotland entering higher education has increased to 23.3%, the highest level recorded in recent years, according to the university admissions service, Ucas.

So far, 29,830 Scottish students have had their university places confirmed and Fosterplus, which provides fostering services in Paisley are looking for people with a spare room to consider opening their home up to a foster child.

With the increase in students applying for university this year, and for those who have an additional spare room at home and room in their lives for another child, fostering can be a way to turn an ‘empty nest’ into an opportunity to give a child a brighter future.

Fosterplus want to ensure people who are open to fostering have an additional spare room to the one that their child has left, as it is likely that students will return home throughout their academic year to visit their family.

To support the growing number of young people entering care, it’s currently estimated that over 500 families are required to become foster parents in Scotland.

Fostering can provide a refreshingly different challenge from traditional parenthood, one that many find extremely rewarding. For many, the ‘empty nest’ stage of their life is the perfect time to consider fostering.

Katie Broatch, Team Manager, explained more:

“Empty nest syndrome is a feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home for the first time, whether that’s to live on their own or attend college or university.

“It can be a difficult time for some parents. The house can be just too quiet, too empty. Some people even report significant physical and psychological symptoms, including depression and anxiety.

“This could be the perfect time for people to consider opening their doors to a vulnerable child or a young person. Someone who is in need of a safe and stable home life.”

Despite the pandemic, many students will not be deferring their place this year, and universities across Scotland  have been working around the clock to put special measures in place, meaning that student’s university experience will be minimally compromised.

If you think that your empty nest could become a loving home for children, or if you would like to find out more about fostering in general, call the friendly team on 0800 369 8512 or visit for more information.

Fosterplus is an independent fostering agency who currently take care of children across 
England and Scotland.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Fosterplus has adapted to provide virtual support to their existing and prospective foster parents with home visits and assessments now being conducted virtually.

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